There are various reasons why you may not have not received payment.  

Below are some troubleshooting steps to help resolve this issue:

1. Ensure that you have used the edit button to upload your invoice. The edit button is displayed as a pencil icon on the right hand side under e-invoice.

2. Always upload your invoice as an invoice document.                                              

3. Ensure that you have filled out the settlement declaration portion with your invoice number and authorized amount

4. Ensure that you have clicked on the validation square to confirm.                          

5. Ensure that you have pressed the Save and Submit for Payment button. Please note that by only clicking "save", we will not be notified of a request for payment and you therefore will not receive payment promptly

6. Ensure that all proper documentation has been uploaded to the HUB, such as the invoice signed by the customer and all associated sublet/rental agreements.

7. Ensure that we have the right contact email for wex payment.

8. Additionally, please be advised that some claims require OEM approval, such as when a claim consists of parts over $500. In these situations, our Settlement team will promptly pay this claim once approval has been received.