Our self-serve features in the HUB allow you to submit amendments for the following: 

  1. Customer's first and/or last name (spelling error, name change) 
  2. Adding a business name 
  3. Customer address 
  4. Customer's primary phone number 
  5. Customer's secondary phone number 
  6. Customer's e-mail address 
  7. Contract term 
  8. Contract coverage 
  9. Lienholder on file

Please note that amendments may be subject to review. 

Product Exclusions: NIDPP and Loan Protection

Only customer details can be amended on these policies.  Amendments such as contract term, coverage, loan amounts, or lienholders cannot be made.

For step by step guidance on how to submit an amendment in the HUB, please navigate to your Sales Tools > Hub Resources > Handling Contracts > Amend a Contract: