On an appearance protection plan, if the customer has selected the "Front Windshield Repair or Replacement" benefit a windshield is eligible for replacement for: 

• Chips and/or cracks and/or the breaks caused by a propelled Road Hazard while driving on public roads. 

• At least one single crack and/or break which is at least five (5) centimeters in length. 

• If the front windshield has three (3) or more chips, cracks, or for heavily pitted glass. 

• A chip located in the driver's line of sight. 

• Stress cracks or breakage to the vehicle's front windshield caused by extreme temperature changes are also included. 

Scratched windshields (by wipers, snow brushes, etc.) do not fall within the coverages provided by appearance policies. 

**Please consult the contract as some windshield replacement benefits have a dollar amount as a limit ($500) **