There are two possible options, depending on where the refund is being sent to.

1. Refund to the dealership:

  1. The loan must be closed, or policy has been paid cash (proof of payout is required)
  2. The write off has occurred outside of 30 days from the contract purchase date
  3. The LGM portion of the customer refund will be sent to the dealership (click here for more details)
  4. A cancellation fee will be deducted from the LGM portion.
  5. Submit the request directly in the HUB
  6. Select Repo/Write-Off – Dealer Requested as the cancellation reason

*Please note if the vehicle has been written off and the customer is purchasing a new policy with LGM, you may select "Loyalty - Purchased New" as the cancellation reason. LGM will waive the administration fee. 

*For guidance on exceptionally sending this refund directly to your dealership after the loan has been closed, click here.

2. Refund to the lienholder:

  1. The write off must have occurred 90 days after the contract purchase date
  2. Proof of loss is required
  3. Proof of outstanding loan is required
  4. Loan reference number is required
  5. Select "Repo Write-Off - Lienholder Requested" as the cancellation reason
  6. Chargebacks and cancellation fees will be waived (upon condition that all of the above criteria has been met)

Product exclusions: 


Province exclusions:

Quebec - For Replacement Insurance and Loan Protection, chargeback calculations will follow AMF guidelines.

If you are the non-issuing dealership, please submit a cancellation form and all required documentation to