Please note some products may only be purchased within a specific timeframe from the vehicle purchase date, such as:

  • Excess Wear Use: Only the same day
  • Replacement Insurance: Only the same day
  • Anti-Theft: Within 48 hours
  • Vehicle Loss Privilege Program: Within 7 days 
  • Appearance Protection: Within 30 days 
  • Tire & Rim: Within 30 days
  • Loan Protection: Anytime
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection: Anytime
  • Mechanical Breakdown Protection (on a leased vehicle): Anytime
  • Service Advantage/Prepaid Maintenance: Anytime before the first service interval
  • Certified Pre-Owned: within 6 model years

If an exception is being requested to sell a product outside eligibility, please reach out to your DDM for procedures around submitting an SUA (exception request). 

Please note that SUAs are subject to approval and may not be possible for review depending on Hub functionality and product eligibility.