There may be several reasons for which you are running into issues while trying to purchase the CPO MBP after having certified the KIA or Mitsubishi vehicle.  

Below are some error messages you may see, and guidance on how to resolve them: 

1. "Kia Canada MBP CPO: Kia - CPO MBP excludes MBP"  or "Mitsubishi Canada CPO: Mitsubishi - CPO excludes MBP"

  • This is occurring because there is a duplicate policy registered to the same VIN. Please call our Customer Success team, and we will free up this VIN for you immediately. 

2. "Kia CPO, Kia CPO MBP requires registration" or "Mitsubishi CPO, Mitsubishi CPO MBP requires registration" 

  • This may be occurring due to the CPO Registration Standard Plan not being selected in your Quick Quote.

    • If this product is not listed as option, please verify the kilometers used in quote. The kilometers used must match or exceed the kilometers that the vehicle was certified with.  
    • To locate this odometer reading, you may go under Menu > CPO > Manage CPO > search the VIN > click on the Edit icon. You will then have access to the exact information originally entered during the certification.   


3. "We are having technical difficulties, please try again later" 

  • This error may occur when you select Validate after entering the VIN, in-service-date and kilometers during the certification. This occurred because the CARFAX® report is dated over 30 days, or the vehicle is ineligible to be certified. 

4. "Uncaught Exception: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'vehicleparams')"

  • This error may occur when you click on "Register" from the Manage CPO page, after certifying a vehicle and once you are ready to register and create a quote. Please use the following workaround:
    • Click on Quick Quote on the left side of the screen
    • Enter the VIN
    • Enter the in-service-date
    • Enter the KMs at time of certification (see above screenshot on where to locate the KMs)
    • Click on View Products
    • You will then fall in the Quick Quote page and can register the vehicle and create your quote

5. "The vehicle inspection must have occurred in the last 6 months"

  • This error occurs if the “in stock or inventory” date (located next to the CarFax field) dates over 6 months since the vehicle would have been inspected. Inspections must be completed within 6 months of certification date, please ensure the correct date is entered in this field.