Issuing dealerships can submit cancellation requests directly in HUB. For step-by-step guidance on how to submit a cancellation in the HUB, please navigate to your Sales Tools > Hub Resources > Handling Contracts > Cancel a Contract 

Select "Repo/Write-off – Lienholder Requested” as your cancellation reason if:

  • The customer still has an outstanding loan (refund must go to the lienholder) 
  • The date of loss has occurred 90 days after the contract purchase date 
  • In this case, LGM will send the customer refund amount directly to the lienholder, and your dealership’s chargeback will be waived. 

The customer refund amount is found under the Customer Fees and Claims section. The LGM portion of the refund is found under the Dealer Refund Details section. Please refer to screenshot below. 



*Product exclusions: EWU, Loan Protection, LEWW 

Click here for guidance on what to do if the client paid out their loan after the write-off occurred and you would like the refund be sent to the dealership.

If you are the non issuing dealership, please email your request to